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  • Blind the security control room.

    3 February 2014

    Remotely blind the security control room CCTV monitors, using Guardian

  • Heat Pump Problem

    25 January 2014

    Guardian pilot test immediately picks up a problem with hot water heat pumps. 

  • Power Energy Management

    11 December 2013

    Power Energy Management, remotely monitor and load shed.

  • Use Guardian 24/7

    5 November 2013

    Use Guardian 24/7 to protect your property.

Now Guardian cuts Power Wastage

View Guardian Dashboard in operation


You do not need an expensive Building Management System to know if your systems and equipment are operating.

Guardian brings the cost of monitoring, managing and reporting of equipment and system failures down to a modest R685.00 (excl) per month per Field Monitoring Terminal.

Each Fielded Monitoring Terminal has 7 sensor input circuits.

Management by Exception

Only relevant information is forwarded to your staff.

You decide who receives which notification, this allows you to manage the information to the person.


Hold your service contractors and staff accountable.

Guardian automatically records and tracks the progress of the repair of the fault.


Only when you require additional equipment to be monitored, install a new Field Monitoring Transmitter to the system.

Which of these new features will be useful to you?

  • Remote control
  • View CCTV cameras
  • Analyse events

The Benefits

Live remote fault monitoring, viewed on your cellphone, desktop and tablet.

    • Reduced Maintenance Costs
    • Cost Effective Pricing
    • Health & Safety
    • Legal Claims CPA
    • Insurance Claims
    • Brand Protection